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February 05, 2024

Update: Floors Repaired and Installed in Lakewood, Florida

Check out the beginnings of a new era at Wright Spellman Plastic Surgery! We've repaired old flooring for sleek, modern surfaces that truly reflect the high-quality services they provide.

Experience the dawn of a new era at Wright Spellman Plastic Surgery! Our recent renovations have revitalized this space, starting with a striking upgrade to our flooring. We've updated the surfaces and in their place are sleek, modern floors that perfectly complement the top-tier services we offer. As you step into our clinic, you'll immediately sense the transformation—a testament to our commitment to excellence.

But we're not stopping there. Stay tuned for further enhancements as we elevate our space to new heights. These floors complement the recently installed state-of-the-art cabinetry to streamline operations and enhance the overall ambiance.

For Wright Spellman Plastic Surgery, we believe that their physical environment should mirror the dedication and innovation they bring to every procedure. We invite you to witness the evolution firsthand and join us on this exciting journey towards an even more exceptional patient experience. Keep an eye out for updates—we're just getting started!