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February 02, 2024

AmEuro Preps Floors for Repair and Installs Fresh Drywall in Lakewood, Florida

The transformation continues at the plastic surgeon's office in Lakewood Ranch! Our latest milestone: sleek new drywall installation in the reception area, setting the stage for a welcoming and refined atmosphere.

Step into Wright Spellman Plastic Surgery in Lakewood Ranch and witness the ongoing transformation! In our latest update, we're thrilled to unveil the sleek new drywall showcased in the reception area, promising a space that's not just inviting but echoes the refinement created by the office and its staff. However, this is just the beginning of our endeavor. Our dedicated team has diligently worked on repairing the LVP flooring in both the reception area and hallways, ensuring a flawless surface that enhances the incoming fresh aesthetic.

Moreover, we've prepped the operating room with heat-welded flooring,  selected for its suitability in medical facilities, ensuring both practicality and hygiene. With each milestone achieved, we're one step closer to realizing our modern vision for the office. So, keep your eyes peeled as we continue to breathe life into this space, transforming it into a haven where beauty, comfort, and professionalism seamlessly converge.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates!