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February 13, 2024

Step by Step: The Cast Iron Replacement Process at Limetree Beach Resort

All patched up and good as new at Limetree Beach Resort! Our team carefully opened the ceiling to remove the old cast iron piping, replaced it with long-lasting PVC pipes, repaired the grid, and applied new stucco to cover the ceiling hole. With a fresh coat of primer and paint, the ceiling blends perfectly!

We are putting the final touches on our Limetree Beach Resort cast iron replacement process! Our AmEuro team returned to Limetree to replace an additional cast iron pipe. Here's a breakdown of what our team accomplished.

Step One: We opened the ceiling to reveal the old cast iron pipes in the ceiling and removed the grid covering 

Step two: The team removed the old, rusted cast iron.

Step three: We installed the new, long-lasting, and durable PVC pipes.

Step four: We fixed the grid covering the pipes and applied new stucco to cover the hole in the ceiling.

Step five: Our painters primed and painted the ceiling.

The final result is a double success! Our team successfully replaced the old pipes with the upgraded PVC and the repaint made the ceiling area look like it's never been touched! We are proud of the hard work of our team at Limetree Beach Resort! Their consistency and efficiency are the reasons why Limetree residents and staff can rest easy knowing they will no longer deal with issues with their piping system!