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February 19, 2024

Roof Replacement Continues at Sunrise Pointe in Englewood, FL!

AmEuro is stepping in to replace the roof at this amazing condo community in Englewood, FL! Hurricane Ian caused extensive damage to the roofs of both buildings and now our team is stepping in to get this community back to 100%!

AmEuro Construction is making significant strides in the reconstruction efforts at Sunrise Pointe Condos in Englewood, Florida, following the damage inflicted by Hurricane Ian. Our team has begun working hard to replace the old roof of Building 2245, which is one of 2 buildings that bore the brunt of the hurricane's impact.

In a notable feat, the skilled workers have successfully removed over 1,000 square feet of roofing membrane and insulation, marking a crucial step towards securing the structure. Our roofing team aims not only to restore the damaged sections but also to enhance the overall safety and aesthetic appeal of Sunrise Pointe Condos with an additional goal of making sure the roof is better protected from future intense weather situations.

As AmEuro Construction continues its dedicated efforts, residents and stakeholders can anticipate further updates on the progress of this vital project, highlighting the commitment to the community's well-being and the restoration of the condominium to its former glory.