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March 18, 2018

Interior Renovation at High-End Hair Salon

AmEuro Construction recently completed a full interior renovation of Toulse Salon in Florida! The salon received fresh paint, new flooring, and more!

AmEuro Construction recently gave Tousle Salon a complete transformation with upgrades throughout the interior. This total renovation resulted in a modern and stylish new space that not only looks good but increases functionality for both the clients and staff.

Our team's updated flooring can make the salon more visually appealing and easier to maintain.  The neutral color of the new vinyl flooring perfectly complements the new paint job.  The warm coloring sets the salon's ambiance and showcases the salon's branding or design theme.

Plumbing updates were crucial for the salon's washing stations and sinks. To ensure efficient water supply and drainage are essential for the salon's daily operations, we relocated and updated the pipe system to ensure efficiency. In addition, a highly efficient electrical system is vital for accommodating salon equipment like hairdryers, styling tools, and lighting. Safety and energy efficiency are priorities. With that in mind, we also worked on the electrical system as we installed new lighting that brightened up the new space.

We added new cabinets that can improve storage for hair products, tools, and other salon essentials, helping keep the workspace organized and clutter-free, and shelving in the lobby that houses the different products used by the stylists.

The bathroom also got a much-needed upgrade with a new toilet, updated electrical and plumbing, and fresh paint.

We are pleased with the final product! The new look is sure to impress clients old and new for a long time to come.