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January 30, 2018

AmEuro Team Expands Motorsports Facility in Georgia

Our team completed a new build at a large motorsports facility in Georgia! This project involved the construction of a new building meant to expand services and promote better functionality for the staff.

Our experienced team traveled to Georgia to help expand a large motorsports facility. This exciting development not only increased the available space but also enhanced the overall functionality for the motorsports team. We created the new building as an addition to the primary infrastructure and added a new engine cleaning room as well.

We created the new building as an addition, leading into the old one, creating a new engine cleaning room as well. We laid down a concrete slab that will serve as the driveway as well as the foundation for the addition. After erecting the foundational elements our team began building the walls and ceiling. We installed new insulation and siding.

Furthermore, the electrical system is being modernized to meet current safety and efficiency standards. New wiring and fixtures will not only enhance the building's functionality but also ensure its safety.

Inside the new building, epoxy flooring will be installed, providing a durable and attractive surface that's easy to maintain. The new lighting fixtures will offer energy-efficient, bright, and well-distributed illumination, making the space more inviting and functional.

Finally, new garage doors will be fitted, combining style with security, ensuring the safety of the property's contents. This comprehensive project promises to transform the property, making it more comfortable, energy-efficient, and visually appealing for years to come!