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December 27, 2023

Discover Limetree Beach Resort's Cast Iron Replacement Project

Our experienced team is hard at work at Limetree Beach Resort! This extensive project requires a large, experienced team to strategize and collaborate to successfully complete.

Watch as we unveil the expansive scope of the Limetree cast-iron pipe replacement project. The sweeping vistas captured from above not only highlight the sheer magnitude of the undertaking but also emphasize why it takes such a large team and strategic planning to complete this project. Our team of 20 workers is positioned across different wings of the resort, harmoniously working together to facilitate a seamless progression.

The north wing, in particular, has been a focal point after completing the PVC installation. While we are making progress in the cast-iron pipe replacement process there, other members of our team are prepping and exposing piping systems in the other wings.  Stay tuned for forthcoming updates as we soar to new heights and continue capturing our journey.