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December 29, 2023

Limetree Cast Iron Project Update: AmEuro Team Ahead of Schedule

Our team achieved a significant milestone passing inspections just 15 days into this extensive project. This success has us ahead of schedule as our team continues several phases of demolition.

Day 15 at Limetree Beach Resort marks significant progress in our cast-iron pipe replacement project. With excitement, we share the BIG news that we have passed inspections for stacks 1, 2, and 3, a huge milestone in the cast iron pipe replacement process. The dedication of our team is evident as they tirelessly tackle framing tasks and continue the meticulous work of replacing pipes.

With each passing day, our project gains momentum, and we find ourselves surpassing expectations. The hard work is already paying off as we can already see the significant changes but also remain ahead of schedule. It's a testament to the collaborative strategy where team members are working on several phases at the same time.

As we forge ahead, we look forward to showcasing more of our work, allowing you to witness firsthand the transformation taking place at Limetree Beach Resort.