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January 31, 2024

AmEuro Prepares to Replace Hurricane Damaged Roofs at Sunrise Point Condos

AmEuro Construction is gearing up for a major undertaking at Sunrise Pointe Condos in Englewood, FL, prepping for an extensive roof replacement after Hurricane Ian's toll.

AmEuro Construction is embarking on a significant endeavor at Sunrise Pointe Condos in Englewood, FL, as we prepare for an extensive roof replacement following the aftermath of the devastating effects of Hurricane Ian. With the arrival of the fourth load of roofing materials and dumpsters strategically positioned to handle debris, our team is fully geared up for action. Our commitment extends beyond just construction; we prioritize maintaining a clean and organized site throughout the restoration process in order to ensure all of the residents can come and go without interference. As we work diligently, our primary goal is to restore safety and security to the community. We understand the importance of this project not only in terms of structural integrity but also for the peace of mind of the residents. AmEuro Construction is dedicated to delivering high-quality workmanship. Together with the community, we look forward to everyone witnessing the transformation of Sunrise Pointe Condos.