Commercial Bathroom Renovation in FL

AmEuro Construction undertook a comprehensive renovation project to transform two commercial bathrooms into modern and comfortable spaces. The project involved a range of services, including plumbing, electrical, HVAC, framing, drywall, insulation, painting, shower tile surround, flooring, and interior door installation.

Provided Services

Commercial Construction, Multi-Family Renovation

  • Installation of air conditioning to improve comfort during hot Florida summers
  • Complete framing and drywall replacement for structural integrity
  • Upgraded plumbing and electrical systems for functionality and safety
  • Installation of new insulation for energy efficiency
  • Fresh painting to enhance aesthetics
  • Installation of shower tile surround and accessories for a modern look
  • New flooring for a clean and polished appearance
  • Installation of new interior doors for improved functionality and aesthetics

AmEuro Construction was contracted to fully renovate two commercial bathrooms, specifically the men's and women's facilities. The scope of work encompassed various aspects, including upgrading the plumbing and electrical systems, replacing the framing and drywall, installing new insulation, painting the walls, adding new plumbing fixtures, laying new flooring, and installing new interior doors. Additionally, the project addressed a significant challenge of the bathrooms lacking air conditioning, which was resolved through the installation of an efficient HVAC system.


The primary challenge of this project was the absence of air conditioning in the commercial bathrooms, leading to discomfort for users during the hot Florida summers. This posed a significant inconvenience and affected the overall experience of customers and employees. Our team added a new HVAC system so the customers can stay comfortable and cool.

Solution &

The comprehensive renovation work included various improvements, such as new framing, drywall, plumbing, electrical systems, insulation, painting, shower tile surround, flooring, and interior door installation. The result was transformed commercial bathrooms that not only provided enhanced functionality and aesthetics but also offered a pleasant and comfortable experience for all users.

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