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April 22, 2021

Full Renovation of Two Commercial Bathrooms at Florida Resort

Our team recently took on the task of renovating 2 full commercial bathrooms, both men's and women's. The new bathrooms are now modern and convenient and a much-welcomed upgrade!

AmEuro Construction recently renovated two commercial bathrooms catering to both men and women. This project's goal was to improve the functionality, comfort, and aesthetics of these spaces.

One big issue the client wanted us to address was the lack of air conditioning in the facilities. The temperatures can reach dangerous levels during Florida summers. To rectify this, the installation of air conditioning systems was prioritized, promising a more comfortable environment for users throughout the year.

Structural integrity was bolstered through a complete replacement of framing and drywall, ensuring the bathrooms were sturdy and secure. Plumbing and electrical systems were upgraded to not only meet modern standards but also guarantee safety and optimal functionality.

Energy efficiency received attention with the addition of new insulation, reducing energy consumption and lowering utility costs. A fresh coat of paint revitalized the bathrooms, adding to their visual appeal.

The introduction of ceramic showers and modern accessories infused a contemporary aesthetic, while new flooring provided a clean and polished finish. The project culminated with the installation of new interior doors, improving functionality and aesthetics. In totality, AmEuro Construction's renovation breathed new life into these commercial bathrooms, transforming them into inviting, modern, and comfortable spaces.