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January 29, 2020

AmEuro Reconstructs 3 Bridges at Popular Siesta Key Resort

Our experienced team reconstructed 3 lagoon bridges at a sprawling, amenity-filled condo community in Siesta Key, FL.

The Gulf and Bay Club, located in Siesta Key, FL, is a popular beachfront luxury condo community that provides a one-of-a-kind living experience. The community also offers a large, scenic lagoon in the center with bridges that guide renters to and from various amenities.

Over time, the bridges began to show considerable signs of aging, wear and tear, and structural deterioration. Our team then devised a detailed plan in collaboration with property management to build new bridges quickly and efficiently with the goal of not disrupting day-to-day operations.

Our first step was to demolish the existing bridges, one by one. The team started from the bottom building foundational columns that form under the water. We then laid down new wood planks and railings that serve as not only a walkway but also a place for renters to enjoy overlooking the lagoon. The new bridges seamlessly integrated with the landscape, providing safe and beautiful crossings for the residents.

Throughout the project, AmEuro Construction maintained open lines of communication with the property management team, ensuring that residents were informed about construction schedules and potential inconveniences. Our dedication to minimizing disruptions and adhering to project timelines earned us the trust and appreciation of the community.

In the end, the successful demolition and reconstruction of these lagoon bridges provided a fresh look. The project also gave residents an added sense of security because they knew these new materials would be reliable and safe for a long time to come.”