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October 10, 2023

AmEuro Making Progress on Metal Roofing at Myakka Pines Golf Club

R-Panel metal roofs look great, are durable, and provide supreme protection against the elements. This is why our AmEuro experts decided to use these materials at Myakka Pines, a community that is historically, heavily affected by storms. As we make progress, we are growing more and more excited about the how this project is taking place.

Exciting progress is underway at Myakka Pines Clubhouse! Our dedicated team has accomplished a major milestone by successfully laying the underlayment on one section of the roof. We're thrilled to announce the installation of the dove gray R-panel metal roof above the Myakka Pines Pro Shop. The new roof not only looks amazing but also offers outstanding durability and weather resistance, especially against high winds and other inclement conditions.

We take pride in the choice of the dove gray color, which not only adds a touch of elegance but also complements the natural surroundings beautifully. The R-panel metal roof not only looks great but also provides essential support to the Pro Shop, ensuring a stable and reliable structure for years to come.

As we move into the next phase, our team is gearing up to complete the installation of the metal roof on the remaining section of the clubhouse. We are meticulously preparing the dove gray R-panel panels that will soon adorn the Pro Shop, enhancing its overall charm. With these sturdy panels in place, Myakka Pines Clubhouse will not only be visually appealing but also well-equipped to withstand the test of time and nature.