Condo Transformation in Florida

Step into a world of transformation where every detail has been meticulously crafted to redefine living. The AmEuro team proudly presents a recent project that breathed new life into this unit, delivering a vibrant living and kitchen space that captures the essence of modern living.

Provided Services

Condo Renovation, Residential Remodeling

  • Complete kitchen overhaul
  • Master bathroom reimagined
  • Open living spaces with new walls and bespoke closets
  • Fresh flooring harmonizing with smooth ceilings and can lighting
  • A custom bar area with cabinets and cooler
  • Lanai space crafted by replacing sliding doors and reworking stucco
  • Brand-new appliances and door hardware

The AmEuro team has undertaken a remarkable renovation, reshaping this unit. The kitchen and master bathroom were thoughtfully redesigned, walls reconfigured, and custom closets introduced to maximize space. Striking new flooring and paint complement the transformed ceilings with can lighting. A standout addition is the personalized bar area featuring cabinets and a cooler, alongside the creation of a Lanai space through innovative sliding door replacements. The infusion of new appliances and door hardware adds to the unit's aesthetic.


The challenge was to harmonize form with function, revamping the unit's core while retaining its character. The integration of a bar area required seamless execution, and the creation of the Lanai space demanded innovative solutions to structural changes. Coordinating new appliances and hardware to enhance the new look while maintaining functionality was a challenge we faced head-on. The AmEuro team needed to ensure that each enhancement would blend seamlessly into the unit's existing framework.

Solution &

The team flawlessly reconfigured the kitchen, master bathroom, and living spaces, infusing new life into old walls. The addition of a custom bar area and the conversion of sliding doors into a stunning Lanai space demonstrated the team's innovative prowess. The result is a unit that stands as a testament to the AmEuro team's dedication, offering a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality and providing an idyllic new home.

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