Complete Penthouse Renovation

Experience the transformative work of AmEuro in this stunning penthouse renovation and redesign project located in Longboat Key, Florida. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to creating a modern yet livable space, AmEuro has completely transformed this penthouse into a luxurious home.

Provided Services

Condo Renovation, Residential Renovation

  • Complete demolition and new construction, including studs and drywall
  • Installation of new electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems
  • Impeccable flooring installation throughout the house
  • Custom ceiling work for added visual appeal
  • Extensive bathroom remodel featuring new tiling, glass showers, sinks, and cabinets
  • Stylish kitchen remodel with custom cabinetry, new flooring, countertops, and updated appliances
  • Smart Home implementations, including a Smart thermostat, lighting control, and automated shutters

AmEuro recently built a beautiful penthouse in Longboat Key, Florida. The project entailed a complete interior transformation, starting with the demolition of existing structures and the installation of new studs and drywall. We installed state-of-the-art electrical, plumbing, and HVAC units. Our team also installed new floors throughout the unit. The bathroom received an extensive makeover, featuring new tiling, glass showers, sinks, and cabinets. The kitchen was redesigned with custom cabinetry, new flooring, countertops, and updated appliances. We added Smart Home technology, such as a Smart thermostat, controllable lighting fixtures, and automated shutters.


The primary challenge in this project was to completely demolish the existing interior while quickly building a new one. We had to strategically coordinate our team and ensuring an effortless installation of new electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems within the confined space also posed a challenge. Additionally, we integrated Smart Home features and ensured their proper functionality.

Solution &

We are very pleased with the final product! The careful demolition and construction process ensured the preservation of the penthouse's structure while achieving the desired design vision. The coordination of subcontractors ensured a smooth installation of electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. The attention to detail during the bathroom remodel and kitchen redesign resulted in stunning, modern spaces that blend style and functionality. The integration of Smart Home features added a touch of innovation and convenience. The final result is a breathtaking penthouse that reflects AmEuro's expertise in creating luxurious and livable spaces.

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