Complete Condo Renovation on Siesta Key

This Siesta Key property underwent a complete transformation with a full condo renovation. Our team executed a top-to-bottom overhaul, turning this condo into a stunning and vibrant living space. The project included a new kitchen, bathrooms, ceilings, lighting, and more, showcasing high-end materials and design.

Provided Services

Provided Services: Full Condo Renovation, Interior Design and Customization

  • Complete demolition and renovation for a total transformation
  • Installation of high-end kitchen and bathroom products
  • Custom ceilings, including trey, coffered, and nickel gap siding
  • Thoughtful lighting design for enhanced ambiance
  • Custom banquette bench for dining area and bespoke table

The Siesta Key property underwent a complete condo renovation, including a full gutting to realize the homeowner's vision. The unit was revamped with luxurious kitchen and bathroom installations featuring top-tier additions. Unique ceilings, such as trey and coffered designs with nickel gap siding, were strategically integrated. Custom lighting, including recessed, LED can lights, created a welcoming atmosphere. From custom banquette seating in the dining room to new interior doors and flooring throughout, every aspect received meticulous attention to detail.


The challenge involved executing a comprehensive renovation while meeting the homeowner's vision. The condo's complete transformation required addressing various aspects, from structural changes like framing, plumbing, and electrical work to intricate custom features like the unique ceiling designs and banquette seating. Coordinating all these elements while ensuring a cohesive and high-quality outcome demanded careful planning and execution.

Solution &

We executed each stage with precision, including framing, plumbing, electrical, and custom installations. The result is a condo that seamlessly integrates high-end materials, custom designs, and functional enhancements. From the exquisite kitchen and bathroom installations to the thoughtfully designed lighting and unique ceilings, the space exudes elegance and comfort. The condo's complete metamorphosis perfectly aligns with the homeowner's vision, offering a luxurious haven where attention to detail and design excellence shines through.

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