Ohio Apartment Wind Damage Restoration

The Marysville, OH, exterior renovation project involved transforming the exterior of a housing complex consisting of 128 units. The project included roof replacement, siding replacement, and the construction of a pavilion for the residents to enjoy.

Provided Services

Insurance Restoration, Multi-Family Renovation, Residential Remodeling

  • Completed roof replacement covering 1,400 square of roof with new shingles
  • Replaced the siding of the housing complex, improving its overall appearance and durability
  • Designed, constructed, and donated a pavilion as a communal space for the residents

The Marysville, OH, exterior renovation project aimed to revitalize the 128-unit housing complex by upgrading its exterior elements. The old roof was replaced with new shingles, providing improved protection against the elements. The siding was also replaced, giving the complex a fresh and appealing look. Additionally, a pavilion was designed and constructed to serve as a gathering space for the residents, fostering a sense of community and providing an enjoyable outdoor area.


One of the main challenges faced during the project was coordinating the roof replacement for a large housing complex. Ensuring minimal disruption to the residents while efficiently replacing the roof required careful planning and execution. Additionally, sourcing high-quality materials and managing the logistics of siding replacement and pavilion construction added complexity to the project.

Solution &

The roof replacement was completed with new shingles, enhancing the durability and aesthetics of the housing complex. The siding replacement revitalized the appearance of the units, increasing their curb appeal. The construction of the pavilion provided the residents with a dedicated space for gatherings and outdoor activities, contributing to their well-being and sense of community. The donated pavilion demonstrated a commitment to the residents and their satisfaction, leaving a positive impact on the Marysville, OH housing complex.

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