Luxury Renovation of Siesta Key Condo

Our team took on the task of renovating this luxurious condo located in Siesta Key, FL. Our main focus was upgrading the kitchen and the bathroom. The result was a stunning transformation that added value to the property and enhanced the rental experience for guests.

Provided Services

Condo Renovation, Residential Remodeling

  • Kitchen upgraded with new cabinets, countertops, a sink, and faucet.
  • Stylish tile backsplash and under cabinet LED lighting installed.
  • Wine cooler added.
  • The guest bathroom was revamped with a new vanity sink, top, and faucet.
  • Installation of subway pattern tile with accent mosaic and a bypass shower door.
  • Entire condo was painted for a fresh look.

The project involved a complete renovation of the kitchen, and guest bathroom, as well as painting the entire condo. The kitchen was transformed with new cabinets, countertops, and a visually appealing tile backsplash, while the addition of under-cabinet LED lighting and a wine cooler added an extra touch of style. The guest bathroom received a makeover with a new vanity, shower tile surround, and floor, creating a modern and inviting space. Finally, the entire condo was painted to give it a fresh and updated look.


The renovation required careful planning and execution to ensure that the kitchen and bathrooms were both aesthetically pleasing and practical for the guests. Coordinating the installation of various fixtures, tiles, and paintwork while adhering to a strict timeline added to the complexity of the project.

Solution &

The result was a breathtaking transformation that exceeded expectations. The upgraded kitchen now boasts a spacious layout with high-quality cabinets, countertops, and a stylish tile backsplash, perfectly complemented by under-cabinet LED lighting. The addition of a wine cooler adds an element of luxury and sophistication. The guest bathroom showcases modern elegance with its new vanity, shower tile surround, and floor. The entire condo has been revitalized with a fresh coat of paint, elevating its overall appeal and enhancing the rental experience for guests.

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