Georgia Apartment Renovation

AmEuro had the privilege of renovating this apartment community located in Atlanta, GA. The 102-unit project comprised various critical tasks, including exterior renovation, wood rot replacement, painting, balcony rail replacement, significant floor system repairs, and professional cleaning services. We took a comprehensive approach to meet every need of this project, ensuring each unit was completed to the highest standard.

Provided Services

Exterior Renovation, Wood Rot Replacement, Painting, Floor System Repair, Balcony Rail Replacement, Drywall Replacement, Furniture Handling, Professional Cleaning

  • Replacement of balcony rails throughout the property
  • Wood rot replacement in all affected areas
  • Complete painting of the exterior of the property
  • Major rectification of deflection in the floor system across units
  • Drywall replacement and finishing
  • Professional furniture handling and room protection during renovation
  • Professional cleaning of each unit upon completion
  • Ability to complete two units per day, ensuring minimal disruption for residents

The project was a multi-faceted endeavor that required expertise in a variety of areas. We began with replacing the balcony rails throughout the property and handling any wood rot replacement to safeguard the integrity of the structure.

Next, we addressed a major issue in the floor systems across units. Each unit was individually jacked up, and the furniture from the living, dining, and breakfast rooms was carefully removed and placed in a U-haul truck for safekeeping. The rooms were then thoroughly wrapped in plastic to protect against any damage during the renovation process.

Our team cut out the old ceiling and drywall, exposing the floor joists. We jacked up the building in each unit, added plywood to each side of the deflecting floor joist, and screwed them off. New drywall was installed on the newly jacked-up ceiling, and each ceiling was taped, bed, and textured to finish.

After the renovation work, we carefully removed the plastic from the walls and moved the furniture back into place. Each unit underwent a professional cleaning to ensure that residents would return to a spotless and renewed home.


The renovation presented a unique challenge with the deflection in the floor system. Jacking up each unit individually while handling furniture and ensuring the protection of room interiors required careful planning and execution.

Solution &

Through our comprehensive planning and experienced crew, we successfully navigated the challenges and efficiently completed two units per day, ensuring minimal disruption for the residents.

The end result was an entirely renovated property with significant structural improvements, fresh paint, new balcony rails, and professionally cleaned units. Our meticulous work not only enhanced the property's aesthetics but also significantly improved the living conditions for the residents.

This project is yet another demonstration of AmEuro's commitment to quality and efficiency in renovation works, ensuring the satisfaction of both property managers and residents.

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