Complete Condo Renovation in Sarasota, Florida

AmEuro Construction proudly presents the transformative renovation of the 507-B condo in Sarasota, Florida. This extensive project consisted of thorough updates to the kitchen, guest and master bathrooms, dining and living areas, bedrooms, and laundry room, achieving a dazzling new look with modern design upgrades.

Provided Services

Condo Renovation, Residential Renovation

  • Kitchen Revitalization: Installation of Legacy Presidential White Cabinets, Cirrus Calcutta Ice Countertops, and Fisher Tile WOW Gradient Backsplash
  • Guest and Master Bathroom Makeover: Featuring Tesoro-Mayfair Tiles, Hydrologic Fixtures, and Pompei Quartz Thazos Vanity Tops
  • Advanced Electrical Enhancements: LED Lighting, Energy-Efficient Fixtures, and Modern Ceiling Fans
  • Flooring Overhaul: Installation of Unicomstarker Color Mist Tiles with Pro sim-90 underlayment
  • Custom Painting: Utilizing Sherwin-Williams Palette for Walls, Ceilings, and Trims

The project at 507B involved a detailed renovation, transforming each area and enhancing the unit's quality and style. The kitchen was completely overhauled with elegant white cabinets and a striking backsplash, while the bathrooms received luxurious tile work and modern fixtures. Electrical upgrades throughout the home brought energy efficiency and improved lighting. The new flooring and fresh paint added a revitalized look and feel to the entire space.


One of the main challenges was to seamlessly integrate new renovations with the existing structure, ensuring cohesive design and functionality throughout the property.

Solution &

Our experienced team accessed planned and executed each aspect of the renovation. In the kitchen, the combination of Legacy cabinets and Cirrus countertops provided a sleek, contemporary look. The guest and master bathrooms were transformed with high-quality tiles and fixtures, creating a spa-like ambiance. The comprehensive electrical updates improved the home's energy efficiency. The new flooring throughout the house, along with the tasteful paint choices, brought a fresh and inviting atmosphere. The final result was a stunningly renovated home that perfectly balanced modern elegance with practical living, exceeding the client's expectations.

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