Apartment renovation in Huntsville, AL

AmEuro undertook an extensive renovation and restoration project in Huntsville, Alabama. Spanning 184 units, the project involved both exterior and interior renovations, including the challenging tasks of fire loss management and homicide scene restoration.

Provided Services

Exterior Renovation, Fire Restoration, Roof Replacement, Exterior Wood Replacement, Exterior Paint, Interior Renovations, Shower Pans, Rotted Floor Systems, Cabinetry, Counter Tops, Fire Loss Management, Homicide Scene Management.

  • Roof replacement for the entire property
  • Exterior wood replacement across all buildings
  • Complete exterior paint job for all buildings
  • Over 50 interior units underwent renovations, including shower pans, rotted floor systems, cabinetry, and countertops
  • Successful management and restoration of 3 fire losses on the property
  • Handling of a homicide scene with full blood removal, unit mitigation, and restoration to rent-ready status

The renovation project at Quail Point Apartments demanded a wide range of skills and capabilities. Due to its complex nature, the restoration demanded a wide range of skills and capabilities. The project began with a roof replacement for the entire property, an essential element for the longevity and safety of the buildings.

The scope of work extended to exterior wood replacement on all buildings, improving the structural integrity of the apartments. Simultaneously, we carried out a comprehensive exterior paint job for all buildings, boosting their aesthetic appeal and increasing their resistance to weather elements.

On the interior, over 50 units required extensive renovations, with works ranging from replacing shower pans and dealing with rotted floor systems to updating cabinetry and countertops. The breadth of these interior renovations helped transform outdated units into modern, appealing spaces.

Besides the extensive renovation works, AmEuro had to manage three fire losses on the property. Our team efficiently coordinated restoration efforts to minimize damage and return the affected units to a habitable state.

One of the most challenging tasks was dealing with a homicide scene on the property. Our team professionally managed the removal of blood, the mitigation of the unit, and the thorough restoration to bring the unit back to a rent-ready condition.


Managing multiple exterior and interior renovations alongside handling the aftermath of fire losses and a homicide scene presented a significant challenge. Coordinating different teams, ensuring safety, maintaining project timelines, and ensuring the least disruption to the remaining residents required careful planning and precise execution.

Solution &

AmEuro's experienced team managed the diverse requirements of this project with skill and efficiency. Despite the challenging circumstances, the project was completed successfully, ensuring the safety, comfort, and satisfaction of the residents and property owners.

The renovations revitalized the community, enhancing its appeal and functionality. At the same time, our professional handling of fire losses and the homicide scene ensured that all units were returned to a rent-ready state quickly and efficiently.

This project exemplified AmEuro's versatility, resilience, and commitment to delivering top-quality results under challenging circumstances.

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