Apartment renovation in Hoover, AL

AmEuro was entrusted with the substantial exterior renovation in Hoover, AL. This project encompassed 220 units, with key works including wood rot replacement, new vinyl siding installation, and roof replacement across all buildings.

Provided Services

Wood Rot Replacement, Vinyl Siding Installation, Roof Installation

  • Complete exterior renovation of 220 apartment units
  • Comprehensive replacement of all wood rot across the property, ensuring structural integrity
  • Installation of new vinyl siding, refreshing the aesthetic appeal of the buildings
  • Installation of new roofs on all buildings, enhancing safety and durability

This renovation was a project of considerable magnitude, involving the complete overhaul of 220 units' exteriors. The first step in the process was to replace all instances of wood rot across the property, a vital measure to maintain the buildings' structural integrity and safety.

Following this, we installed new vinyl siding on all buildings, providing them with a modern, refreshed look. The final stage of the renovation involved the replacement of all roofs across the 3,400-square-foot property, enhancing the overall safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal of the buildings.


Managing a large-scale renovation across multiple buildings posed logistical challenges. Coordinating the replacement of wood rot, siding, and roofing while minimizing inconvenience to tenants was a significant undertaking. Additionally, the project required maintaining a consistent, high-quality standard across all 220 units, which was achieved through diligent planning and execution.

Solution &

AmEuro met the project's challenges head-on with meticulous planning and execution, ensuring all renovations were carried out with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

The buildings now benefit from improved structural integrity thanks to the wood rot replacement, while the new vinyl siding and roofs enhance the property's overall aesthetic appeal and durability.

This project stands as a testament to AmEuro's commitment to quality and excellence, showcasing our ability to execute large-scale renovations with precision and efficiency. Their renewed exteriors, are now a proud part of our portfolio, providing a comfortable and appealing living environment for their tenants.

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