Apartment Renovation, 341 Units in AL

AmEuro executed a comprehensive renovation project in Huntsville, Alabama. This extensive project entailed the renovation of 341 units with a focus on the installation of vinyl siding, replacing roofing, and landscaping which led to a prestigious beautification award.

Provided Services

Exterior Renovation, Vinyl Siding Installation, Wood Replacement, Roof Replacement, Landscaping

  • Installation of vinyl siding on all buildings following wood replacement
  • Replacement of all roofing across the property
  • Professional landscaping of the property leading to a beautification award

This apartment renovation project was an intensive undertaking that required a high level of skill and coordination. Starting with the wood replacement, our team meticulously inspected and replaced all decayed or damaged wood on the buildings, ensuring a solid, durable base for the subsequent installation of new vinyl siding.

The vinyl siding was installed across all buildings, enhancing the overall appearance of the property while ensuring longevity and low maintenance. Our experts adhered to the highest quality standards during the installation process, resulting in a durable and aesthetically appealing finish.

Roof replacement was another crucial component of this renovation project. Our team replaced all roofing on the property, ensuring the units were well-protected from weather elements, thus improving the safety and comfort of the residents.

AmEuro further beautified the property through professional landscaping. Our creative design and meticulous execution transformed the property's outdoor spaces into appealing, functional areas. This exceptional effort led to the project being recognized with a beautification award, a testament to our commitment to quality and attention to detail.


Coordinating a project of this scale, with multiple concurrent renovation tasks and a significant number of units involved, was a considerable challenge. It required careful planning, project management skills, and a high level of attention to detail to ensure all tasks were completed to the highest standards, on time, and within budget.

Solution &

Through effective planning, experienced project management, and meticulous execution, the AmEuro team successfully completed the renovation project. The improvements, especially the award-winning landscaping, significantly enhanced the property's aesthetic appeal, boosted its value and contributed to a more enjoyable living environment for the residents.

The result was a revitalized property that seamlessly blended functionality and beauty, proving once again AmEuro's expertise in undertaking and successfully completing large-scale renovation projects. Our ability to transform properties while ensuring a high standard of living for the residents was well-demonstrated in this project.

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