324 Units Apartment Complex Renovation

AmEuro Construction took on an extensive exterior renovation project in Hoover, Alabama. The task included substantial upgrades and replacements to all 324 units in the apartment complex, revamping the look and feel of the entire property and significantly enhancing its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Provided Services

Construction, Renovation, Wood Replacement, Siding Installation, Lighting Installation, Painting, Window Replacement, Roofing

  • Comprehensive wood replacement to ensure structural integrity
  • Removal of old vinyl siding and installation of 2,400 square of new Hardie Plank siding
  • Installation of new exterior lighting for improved safety and ambiance
  • Complete repaint of the property to enhance visual appeal
  • Window replacements carried out alongside jacking up buildings to ensure optimal installation
  • Full replacement of all shingled roofs, offering improved durability and weather resistance

This renovation was a broad-scale project that involved numerous facets of exterior construction and renovation. At the heart of this project was the replacement of existing woodwork, crucial for maintaining the buildings' structural integrity. This was closely followed by the removal of the aging vinyl siding, replaced with 2,400 square feet of modern hardieplank, providing the buildings with a fresh, up-to-date look.

Further enhancing the property's exterior, we installed new lighting fixtures throughout the complex, creating a safer and more inviting environment. The entire property was given a fresh coat of paint, adding to its aesthetic appeal and further complementing the new siding. A significant part of the project was jacking up the buildings for the replacement of all exterior windows - a task that required precision and skill to ensure optimal window installation and building safety.

To round off the renovation, we replaced all the shingled roofs across the complex. This not only improved the buildings' weather resistance but also contributed to a cohesive, refreshed appearance for the entire property.


A project of this magnitude, covering 324 units, inherently presented significant logistical challenges. Coordinating the multiple aspects of the renovation while minimizing disruption for residents was crucial. Particularly complex was the task of jacking up the buildings for window replacement, which required precision and careful planning to ensure the safety and quality of the installation.

Solution &

With meticulous planning and efficient project management, our team skillfully handled all aspects of the renovation. The result is a rejuvenated apartment complex that combines modern aesthetics with enhanced functionality. The new Hardieplank siding, fresh paint, and comprehensive lighting installation have given the complex a contemporary facelift, while the window and roof replacements have boosted its structural integrity and resilience to weather conditions.

Through the successful completion of this extensive project, AmEuro has reaffirmed our capability to manage and execute large-scale renovations with excellence, reinforcing our position as leaders in the field. The transformed Alabama apartment complex stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality construction and renovation services.

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