Virginia Apartment Renovation

AmEuro was called to perform a challenging and sensitive task at an apartment community in Richmond, Virginia. Following a tragic incident, we were responsible for the complete mitigation and reconstruction of one apartment unit. This included all aspects of the cleanup, remediation, and renovation process, as well as handling the insurance claim on behalf of the client.

Provided Services

Mitigation, Complete Reconstruction, Insurance Claim Handling

  • Complete mitigation of a unit after a tragic incident
  • Full demo and reconstruction of the unit
  • Handling of the insurance claim for the client

The project began with an extremely sensitive mitigation process. We understand the importance of acting promptly and professionally in such distressing situations. Our team was diligent in ensuring that the unit was thoroughly cleaned, with all potentially hazardous materials safely removed.

Following the mitigation, the unit underwent a full demo, stripping it back to its core structure. This allowed us to start afresh and ensure that the unit was completely renovated from the ground up, leaving no traces of the previous unfortunate event.

The reconstruction process was thorough and meticulous, covering all aspects of the unit. This included structural work, interior finishing, and installations to ensure the unit was fully functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to the physical work on the unit, AmEuro handled the insurance claim related to this incident on behalf of the client. We understand the complexities of insurance processes and acted as the primary point of contact to navigate this process, saving the client time and stress.


The nature of this renovation project was particularly sensitive given the circumstances. It required a high level of professionalism, sensitivity, and careful planning to ensure that the mitigation was carried out safely and respectfully. The need to handle the insurance claim added an additional layer of complexity.

Solution &

Our team approached this project with the utmost respect, understanding, and professionalism, ensuring that all aspects were handled carefully and sensitively. We carried out the mitigation process promptly and thoroughly, followed by a comprehensive reconstruction of the unit.

Through our experience in dealing with insurance claims, we were able to assist the client in this process, alleviating a significant burden during a difficult time. The result was a fully renovated, safe, and comfortable living space, returned to its pre-loss condition with no reminders of the tragic event that had taken place.

This project, while challenging, highlighted AmEuro's ability to handle sensitive situations with respect and professionalism, demonstrating our commitment to providing comprehensive services to our clients, even under the most difficult circumstances.

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