Fire Restoration and Renovation Project

Our fire restoration project in Birmingham, AL, aimed to restore and revitalize this apartment building that had been severely damaged by fire. We provided a range of services, including rebuilding the roof system, renovating three units that were destroyed by the fire, and installing new vinyl siding on the building.

Provided Services

Insurance Restoration

  • Rebuilt the roof system, ensuring structural integrity and protection against future damage.
  • Renovated three units, transforming them into modern and functional living spaces.
  • Installed new vinyl siding, enhancing the building's aesthetics and durability.

In this project, our team focused on restoring and renovating an apartment building in Birmingham, AL, that had suffered significant fire damage. We began by rebuilding the roof system, addressing any structural issues, and ensuring the building's safety. Next, we renovated the three units that were destroyed by the fire by incorporating modern design elements and ensuring functionality. Finally, we installed new vinyl siding on the building to improve its appearance and provide long-lasting protection against the elements.


The main challenge we faced in this project was repairing the extensive damage caused by the fire in a timely manner while residents were still present in the community. The roof system was severely compromised, and the three units required complete renovation due to fire and smoke damage. Additionally, the building's exterior had suffered significant aesthetic deterioration.

Solution &

The renovation of the three units involved comprehensive repairs, including electrical, plumbing, and cosmetic upgrades, resulting in attractive and functional living spaces. The installation of new vinyl siding greatly improved the building's appearance and durability. The project was completed successfully, with the restored building now offering renewed livability and visual appeal to its residents and the surrounding community in Birmingham, AL.

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