Fire Restoration 20 Unit Apartment Building in Hoover, AL

Our project involved the complete restoration of a 20-unit building in Hoover, AL, that was devastated by a fire. We undertook the task of demolishing and rebuilding the existing structure from the ground up, ensuring that the building met safety standards and offered a fresh start for the residents.

Provided Services

Insurance Restoration

  • Demolition of the fire-damaged building
  • Reconstruction of the 20-unit building from scratch
  • Incorporation of modern safety measures and building codes

Restoring a 20-unit building in Hoover, AL, that had been severely damaged by a fire was no easy feat. Our team started by carefully demolishing the existing structure down to the ground and then proceeded to rebuild the entire building. Our focus was on ensuring the safety of the structure while providing a comfortable and modern living space for the residents. Adhering to the latest building codes, we successfully completed the project within the specified time frame.


The main challenge of this project was dealing with the extensive damage caused by the fire. We had to carefully evaluate the stability of the remaining structure and plan for its safe demolition. Additionally, we had to address any environmental concerns resulting from the fire and develop a comprehensive restoration plan that met the expectations of both the property owners and future residents.

Solution &

Our team of experts thoroughly assessed the building's condition and created a detailed plan for the restoration process. We executed the demolition with precision, ensuring the safety of everyone involved. During the rebuilding phase, we incorporated state-of-the-art fire safety measures and modern design elements to enhance the overall living experience. The project was completed successfully, providing the property owners with a fully restored and improved 20-unit building, ready to accommodate residents once again.

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