Condo Community Restoration After Hurricane Damage in Englewood, FL

After the devastation of Hurricane Ian, this beautiful condo community found itself in need of massive repairs throughout different areas across the neighborhood. Our team came in and tackled several projects with the goal of restoring this community and upgrading multiple structures.

Provided Services

Insurance Restoration

  • Repaired damaged screen patio and windows
  • Demolished and rebuilt storage shed
  • Restored shadow box fencing and gates
  • Repaired splash guards, downspouts, elbow at gutters, and leaf guards in all 52 units
  • Replaced pool fencing and gates
  • Installed 70 solar light poles
  • Removed and reinstalled pavers at the pool deck
  • Repaired and replaced damaged porch lighting, exterior street lighting, and broken windows

Our team embarked on a comprehensive project involving repairs at individual units and in the community. The damage was extensive, and our repair process took a lot of planning with multiple areas getting attention simultaneously. At the units, our team repaired damaged patio screen doors and windows and repaired and replaced porch lighting. We repaired splash guards, downspouts, gutters, and leaf guards in all 52 units.

Throughout the community, we worked on crucial areas that were heavily affected by Hurricane Ian. At the pool area, we replaced pool fences and gates and removed and reinstalled pavers at the pool deck. Our team demolished and rebuilt the storage shed and restored shadow box fencing and gates. We also repaired damaged exterior lighting and installed 90 solar light poles.


With multiple projects spread throughout the community, it took careful planning and extensive communication with our team and the leadership at Gasparilla. We had to ensure that our team executed our plans to minimize interruptions to the day-to-day operations of the community.

Solution &

Through detailed planning and efficient execution, we successfully addressed all repair needs within the expected timeframe. Our comprehensive approach not only restored functionality, we also upgraded several crucial areas of the community. The installation of solar light poles significantly improved outdoor lighting efficiency, while the replacement of pool fencing and gates ensured safety and longevity. Overall, the project culminated in revitalized spaces that will strengthen this community for a long time to come.

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