Restauraunt Renovation in Florida

Our restaurant flip, captured for a captivating TV series, revitalized every aspect of the establishment with updated fixtures, stylish and unique designs, and modern upgrades.

Provided Services

Commercial Construction

  • Acoustical ceiling installation and drywall repairs
  • Intricate tilework on walls and floors
  • Refinished top bar
  • Custom fixing and furnishings
  • Updated flooring
  • Updated plumbing and electrical systems
  • Repainted walls and trim
  • Installed awnings on the building's exterior

Our mission was to breathe new life into the restaurant, by upgrading the look and functionality inside and outside of the restaurant. From acoustical enhancements to visual masterpieces, every detail was meticulously crafted thoughtfully, ensuring supreme customer satisfaction.


The primary challenge lies in harmonizing diverse elements – acoustics, aesthetics, and functionality. Striking a balance between visual appeal and practicality was of utmost importance. Additionally, integrating modern systems while preserving the restaurant's unique character posed a significant challenge.

Solution &

Through detailed planning and expertise, we successfully revitalized the restaurant. The innovative acoustical solutions, captivating designs, and modernized systems seamlessly merged, creating an inviting space. The restaurant now stands as a testament to our expertise, where patrons can enjoy not just meals, but an immersive dining experience. The transformation exceeded expectations, leaving both our team and the patrons delighted with the results.

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