Property Reconstruction including 99 Roof Replacements after Hurricane Ian Damage

Our comprehensive property renovation encompassed the repair and replacement of 99 roofs as well as a variety of other much-needed restorative efforts around the community. Our experienced team tackled various challenges to enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of the properties.

Provided Services

Insurance Renovation
Commercial Renovation
Multi-Family Renovation
Building Consultant
Interior Renovations
Structural Upgrades

  • Successfully repaired and replaced 99 villa roofs,
  • Installed new vinyl soffit and fascia throughout the community.
  • Installed white vinyl fencing for exterior shower areas
  • Revamped the clubhouse apartment to encompass the upgrade of the entire space from cabinets and countertops to new flooring.
  • Provided a fresh coat of paint to all 99 villas, a clubhouse, and a community garage
  • Replaced and repaired glass windows and shutters throughout the property.
  • Repaired Gutters and downspouts damaged by the storm.

Our project focused on addressing diverse renovation needs across a residential community. From roof repairs to exterior enhancements and interior renovations, we aimed to elevate the living experience for residents to restore the community after Hurricane Ian blew through the area.


The project faced significant challenges due to the damage of Hurricane Ian, including extensive roof damage, asbestos-related drywall demo, and reinstallation. Coordinating multiple renovation tasks within a tight timeframe and large teams while ensuring quality craftsmanship presented logistical hurdles that we had to navigate daily.

Solution &

Through strategic planning and collaboration, we devised tailored solutions to address each challenge effectively. By leveraging skilled labor and high-quality materials, we successfully restored and renovated the properties to surpass client expectations. The results speak for themselves: enhanced aesthetics, and improved functionality using high-end materials meant to add additional protection from future natural disasters.

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