High-End Salon Renovation in Florida

AmEuro Construction transformed Tousle Salon into a modern, stylish space, providing a fresh look and increased functionality. We optimized the interior through strategic upgrades, creating an inviting ambiance for clients and a seamless work environment for staff.

Provided Services

Commercial Construction

  • Revamped flooring and paint, creating a visually appealing atmosphere
  • Ensured efficient water supply and drainage, vital for daily salon operations
  • Installed a secure and energy-efficient electrical setup for salon equipment and lighting
  • Updated electrical, and plumbing, and added fresh drywall paint and trim

AmEuro Construction completed a full renovation of Tousle Salon, focusing on flooring, plumbing throughout, and electrical systems. The upgrades aimed to enhance the salon's look, functionality, and overall client experience. We added new flooring, and accents in both the lobby and work areas.


The challenge was to transform the salon's interior while ensuring seamless operations. Efficient plumbing, safe electrical systems, and optimized storage were crucial aspects. Balancing aesthetics with practicality posed a significant challenge during the renovation process. In addition, our goal was to help the salon get back to normal business operations as soon as possible. So our team worked quickly, while still making sure we followed through with our renovation plans thoroughly.

Solution &

Our team addressed the challenge by implementing strategic upgrades. The new vinyl flooring, efficient plumbing, and enhanced electrical system optimized daily operations. The revamped lighting further elevated the salon's overall appeal. The result was a modern, stylish space that not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics at Tousle Salon.

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