Comprehensive Cast Iron Pipe Replacement at Limetree Beach Resort

Our team executed a comprehensive cast iron renovation project, ensuring top-notch functionality and compliance with regulations. Our team completed several phases from the demolition of drywall, to removing old cast iron piping and installing durable and long-lasting PVC piping in two large buildings.

Provided Services

Cast Iron Pipe Replacement

  • Moved and covered furniture for workspace optimization
  • Demolished drywall to access cast iron pipes
  • Replaced cast iron pipes with PVC, meeting local plumbing and state code
  • Installed new exhaust fans for improved ventilation
  • Reworked framing to allow for new drywall after pipes were replaced.
  • Installed insulation and drywall in exposed areas
  • Prepared work for city inspections

This project involved a complete overhaul of plumbing systems, including pipe replacement and ventilation upgrades, meeting all regulatory requirements.

Using a camera, we evaluated the existing, outdated plumbing system and devised a plan to begin the removal process. Our team then prepped all units, covering and removing furniture and items. Our next phase was removing the old cast iron pipes throughout the buildings by opening drywall to create access. Our team then went to work, removing the pipes and installing new PVC pipes. Once complete our team installed insulation and drywall, and returned the units to their original form.

This full-cycle cast iron replacement included working with city inspectors to ensure our work passed all local and state codes.


A major challenge in large-scale projects like this one is managing numerous dependencies. Our team diligently follows all city guidelines and requirements as we progress. We also recognize that residents are eagerly awaiting the completion of the work so they can return to their homes and the community can resume normal operations. By maintaining constant communication with all parties involved, we are able to manage expectations and meet everyone's needs effectively.

Solution &

Through meticulous planning and execution, we successfully upgraded the plumbing infrastructure, ensuring compliance and resident satisfaction. The installation of PVC pipes, new exhaust fans, and insulation not only met regulations but also enhanced functionality and efficiency.

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