Complete Restoration After Hurricane Damage in Englewood, FL

Our team executed a comprehensive restoration project for a facility, addressing roofing, interior and exterior renovations, fencing, maintenance building improvements, and metal door replacements, and provided due diligence support throughout the process.

Provided Services

Roof Restoration

  • Installed standing seam metal roof.
  • Renovated interior spaces including ductwork and insulation
  • Upgraded exterior with new soffit and fascia.
  • Installed a new HVAC system for the clubhouse.
  • Installed privacy fencing and replaced chain link fencing
  • Painted interiors and exteriors of various buildings
  • We handled the insurance loss with the insurance company on behalf of the insured.
  • Installed new carpet, light fixtures, and an acoustical ceiling in the clubhouse, dining room, restaurant, and Proshop.

This project involved multifaceted restoration work to revitalize the facility, encompassing roofing, interior upgrades, exterior enhancements, fencing installations, maintenance building improvements, and metal door replacements.

Our team upgraded the roofing systems by installing new standing seam metal roofs on their clubhouse, improving long-term durability. We added new soffit and fascia, which were affected by Hurricane Ian's damage. Before completing the roof, we upgraded their HVAC system. Inside the clubhouse, we installed new carpets, light fixtures, and a drop ceiling at the entryway and in the dining room, restaurant, and pro shop.

Our painters painted several interior and exterior spaces at all of the major areas used by the community, including the clubhouse, maintenance buildings, and out buildings. The fencing areas were also heavily impacted by Hurricane Ian. We installed new fencing around the community and replaced the damaged chain link fencing.


The challenge was to efficiently coordinate various restoration tasks, with multiple teams, while ensuring the day-to-day operations ran as normal. Our goal was to complete all of our projects in a timely manner so the community members could enjoy all of the perks this beautiful golf club offers. We had to work very effectively to make sure golfers could enjoy the courses and employees could complete tasks.

Solution &

Through careful planning and execution, we successfully restored the facility to its pre-loss condition, providing durable roofing solutions, modernized interiors and exteriors, enhanced security with new fencing, and efficient maintenance building upgrades. Our due diligence support ensured a fair resolution with the insurance company, securing the necessary funds for a comprehensive restoration.

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