Complete Renovation of Medical Facility

AmEuro did a comprehensive renovation project for the interior of a Florida doctor’s office. The project involved demolishing the existing structure, including the outer shell, and rebuilding the entire office space. Services provided included electrical work, HVAC system installation, plumbing, flooring installation, drywall and texture application, acoustical ceilings installation, and painting.

Provided Services

Commercial Construction

  • Complete demolition and rebuild of the office interior
  • Framing of walls for office space
  • Electrical, HVAC, and plumbing system installation
  • LVT flooring and ceramic tile installation
  • Acoustical ceiling grid installation
  • Interior and exterior painting

AmEuro performed a complete renovation of a doctor's office interior. The project began with the demolition of the existing building, both inside and out. Our team was able to build this office from top to bottom. Once the building was cleared, the team was able to begin with a blank slate. Our team started constructing the office space by framing the walls. This was followed by extensive electrical work, HVAC installation, and plumbing to accommodate the specific needs of a doctor's office. The project also involved laying down LVT flooring and ceramic tiles, installing an acoustical ceiling grid, and applying paint to both the interior and exterior of the office.


One of the main challenges of the project was the coordination and integration of various systems within the office space. The electrical work, HVAC installation, and plumbing had to be carefully planned and executed to ensure proper functionality and compliance with medical facility regulations. Additionally, managing the renovation process while maintaining a safe and organized environment posed its own set of challenges.

Solution &

AmEuro successfully addressed the challenges by deploying skilled professionals and implementing a meticulous project management approach. The team coordinated the different aspects of the project, ensuring the smooth integration of electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems. The careful installation of LVT flooring, ceramic tiles, and acoustical ceiling contributed to the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the office space. The project was completed within the specified timeframe, resulting in a fully renovated doctor's office with a refreshed and professional interior that met the client's requirements.

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