Bridge Reconstruction on Siesta Key, FL

AmEuro Construction LLC, celebrated for its ability to successfully deliver on complex construction projects, proudly undertook a critical assignment at the Gulf & Bay Club on Siesta Key in Sarasota, Florida. This luxury property, nestled on the globally acclaimed Crescent Beach, needed a thorough renovation of its central lagoon bridges. Our experienced team demolished the existing structures and meticulously replaced them, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the property.

Provided Services

Bridge Demolition, Bridge Construction

  • Successful demolition and reconstruction of three lagoon bridges
  • Detailed planning and coordination with the property management for minimal disruption to the residents
  • Enhancing the property's overall appeal with thoughtfully designed, robust bridges

The Gulf & Bay Club, a luxurious, amenity-rich resort, features a unique lagoon with an island accessible via three bridges. These bridges, showing signs of wear, required replacement to maintain the property's high standards. AmEuro Construction was called upon to undertake this critical task. We managed the entire process, starting from the careful demolition of the existing bridges to the design and construction of new structures.


Working within a highly esteemed, operational residential complex posed unique challenges. Coordinating with the property management to ensure minimal disruption to residents was a significant focus area. Moreover, the bridges' aesthetic appeal had to align with the property's upscale atmosphere, while their construction demanded robust engineering for safe and long-term use.

Solution &

Harnessing our experience and technical expertise, we successfully met the project's challenges. We ensured seamless coordination with the property management, implementing a meticulous demolition and construction plan to minimize any inconvenience. The newly constructed bridges blend harmoniously with the resort's sophisticated ambiance and provide a sturdy, safe passage over the lagoon. AmEuro Construction's effort not only enhanced the property's appeal but also contributed to preserving its reputation as a world-class luxury resort.

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