Anointed Body of Christ Church, Porterdale, Ga

At AmEuro Construction, we pride ourselves on being the leading general contractors with a nationwide presence. Our recent work at the Anointed Body of Christ Church, based in Porterdale, GA, is a testament to our wide-ranging skills in restoration, renovation, and construction, enhancing the sense of community with a rejuvenated place of worship.

Provided Services

Complete Restoration, Structural Assessment, Roof Truss Removal and Reinstallation, Interior Renovation, Floor Installation, Wall Construction and Painting, Trim Finishing, Door Replacement, Architectural Preservation

  • Undertook complete restoration of the church, a symbol of faith that was gravely affected by roof damage
  • Comprehensive refurbishment that included the installation of new flooring, building, and painting new walls with sheetrock, finishing with trim, and more.
  • Demonstrated expert handling of structural components, particularly in the safe removal and reinstallation of the roof truss
  • Successfully managed a large-scale project, seamlessly coordinating our highly skilled team's efforts

The Anointed Body of Christ Church in Porterdale, GA suffered a catastrophic blow when its roof was entirely ripped off. This daunting task required us to completely remove the roof truss, reinstate them, and give the interiors a comprehensive makeover. Our diligent efforts resulted in new floors, rejuvenated walls, fresh coats of paint, and brand new doors and trim. The team at AmEuro Construction exhibited commitment and expertise in turning this devastated church back into a shining beacon of faith, reinstating not just the structure, but the spirit of the place as well.


This project posed a multifaceted challenge. Beyond the sheer scale of the damage which, required a comprehensive restoration, we faced the delicate task of preserving the church's architectural integrity whilst implementing enormous renovations. Similarly, the AmEuro Construction team needed to find the balance between historical preservation and contemporary needs. Furthermore, the urgency to swiftly restore this spiritual sanctuary without compromising on quality brought an additional layer of complexity. Undeterred, the AmEuro Construction team rose to the challenge, leveraging our expertise and commitment to deliver a seamless, high-quality restoration that breathed new life into the spiritual sanctuary.

Solution &

Utilizing the vast array of specialized talent within AmEuro Construction's skilled team, we harnessed our collective expertise to confront the formidable challenges this project presented. Our renowned scalable and flexible approach proved essential in managing and efficiently distributing our resources, thereby ensuring a seamless restoration process. The crowning achievement of our endeavor was the revival of the church, its architectural grace intact and subtly enriched, ready to resonate with the hymns of a welcoming congregation. This monumental restoration, courtesy of our diligent team, resulted in a church not only structurally reborn but spiritually rejuvenated, a testament to AmEuro's commitment to excellence.

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