Alabama 811 Insurance Renovation

AmEuro Construction, known for its nationwide presence and multifaceted construction capabilities, faced a colossal challenge in Fultondale, Alabama, at the Alabama 811 Call Center. A massive F-5 tornado wreaked havoc in April 2011, leaving behind a trail of destruction and the Call Center in ruins. However, our team of seasoned professionals embarked on this arduous task of reconstruction, exhibiting sheer determination and expertise.

Provided Services

Total Structural Rebuild, Disaster Recovery Planning, Structural Design and Engineering, Underground Tornado Shelter Installation, Brick Wall Construction, Steel Metal Siding and Roofing Installation, Interior Framing and Finishing, Expedited Project Management, Safety Integration

  • A complete rebuild of the Alabama 811 Call Center from the slab upwards.
  • Construction of a new brick building featuring steel metal siding and roofing.
  • The addition of an underground tornado shelter that can hold up to 24 people.
  • Remarkable turnaround time, with the Certificate of Occupancy secured in just 11 weeks.

The Alabama 811 Call Center, a pivotal communication hub for public utilities in the state, was razed down to its slab by the force of the F-5 tornado. Faced with the enormity of this disaster, our task involved the total reconstruction of the 8,000 sq. foot building. We pulled our resources together, and in an impressive display of our expertise and commitment, we were able to receive our Certificate of Occupancy in just 11 weeks, a testament to the capability of our amazing team.


Rebuilding the Call Center from scratch in a post-disaster scenario was a daunting challenge. Ensuring the new construction was sturdy and capable of withstanding future extreme weather events was also a top priority. Our team had to navigate through these complex challenges, working swiftly and efficiently, always committed to quality and safety.

Solution &

Through a collaborative effort, the AmEuro team transformed these challenges into a stunning success. The new, more resilient and functional structure was complete with brand-new brick walls, interior framing, and steel metal siding and roofing. An underground tornado shelter was also added, offering safety to about 24 people during severe weather events. The Alabama 811 Call Center now stands as a monument of resilience and recovery, an affirmation of AmEuro Construction's steadfast commitment to excellence and community service.

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