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July 03, 2023

Wood Replacement at Local Dentistl!

Our team has been working hard to replace the exterior wood beams on the exterior of dental office Bradenton, FL. Over time, the wood began to rot, so our team came in and removed the rotted wood and installed new wood across the building. The new wood looks great and will provide protection for many years!

Our dedicated team gladly took on the task of replacing the exterior wood of dental office located in the vibrant city of Bradenton, FL. The original exterior wood beams of the building began to rot due to years of dealing with the elements. Recognizing the importance of a sound infrastructure and a visually pleasing facade, our team took the reins of this project to give this outstanding office a fresh look.

The initial stages of the project demanded meticulous planning and preparation. Our experienced professionals conducted a thorough assessment of the extent of the damage caused by rot. The removal of the rotted wood had to be done with care, ensuring that all of the rotted would be removed without causing any harm to the surrounding structure.

With the deteriorated wood removed, it was time to install the new 4-25 LVL beams, one of the most durable and aesthetically pleasing products the industry has to offer. These beams were selected to ensure that the wood will remain durable against the elements for a long time to come.

And then, the moment of completion arrived—a culmination of relentless effort and unwavering commitment. The new wood, now a prominent feature of the building's exterior, stood as a testament to our team's skill and experience. Not only did the wood look amazing, but we were confident that this new addition would also stand the test of time, giving our clients a sense of comfort in knowing their office is well protected.

The finished product is a sight to behold. The once-dilapidated exterior was revitalized and is a great reflection of the hard work our team has become known for.