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December 18, 2023

Progress in Action: AmEuro Starts Demolition and Pipe Replacement at Limetree Beach Resort

We have begun to replace cast iron pipes in the roof drain in the north wing of this sprawling resort! At the same time, our other team members are continuing to prep and complete the process of exposing existing cast iron.

Limetree Resort is currently buzzing with activity as AmEuro Construction starts Phase 2 of its demo phase. The focus is on the meticulous replacement of cast iron piping with advanced PVC piping in the north wing's roof drain system. This crucial upgrade promises enhanced durability and efficiency for the resort's infrastructure.

Simultaneously, a dedicated team is hard at work preparing and demolishing various areas to unveil the extensive cast iron piping network that runs through the resort. Each step is executed with care to ensure a seamless transformation. While this project is multi-layered and complex, our team is seeing immense progress even in the beginning stages of the process. We are methodically moving from one area to the strategically, following our plan created through our initial evaluation of the piping system.

 As the resort undergoes this significant plumbing overhaul, the team's collective efforts symbolize a commitment to modernization and the assurance of a more robust and efficient plumbing system for Limetree Resort.