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September 03, 2023

Kitchen Transformation in Sarasota, FL

Our team of experts recently completed a full transformation in Florida. We are so proud of how captivating and stylish this new kitchen looks!

Our team recently transformed a Flordia residential kitchen into a modern and vibrant space with high-end, stylish additions that added a much-needed pop to this home. Check out the step-by-step changes we made to this kitchen.

1. Island Cabinets in Shaker Style with Blue Finish: AmEuro installed new island cabinets. Opting for the classic Shaker style provided a clean and sophisticated look. The blue finish added a touch of color that instantly became the focal point of the kitchen.

2. Pompeii Quartz White Macaubas Countertops: To complement the blue cabinets, we upgraded to Pompeii Quartz White Macaubas countertops. These stunning countertops are not only durable but also bring a sense of luxury to the space with their marbled appearance.

3. Dayton Undermount Sink: The integration of a new Dayton undermount sink not only enhances the functionality of the kitchen but also seamlessly blends with the countertop, creating a sleek and unified look.

4. Hand-Painted Terracotta Tile Kitchen Backsplash: For a touch of artistry, we opted for a hand-painted terracotta tile kitchen backsplash. This unique feature added warmth, texture, and a sense of craftsmanship to the kitchen.

5. Schaub Cabinet Pulls and Newport Brass Hardware: The details matter, and in this project, we chose Schaub cabinet pulls and Newport Brass hardware to tie the design elements together. Their timeless appeal and quality craftsmanship elevated the overall aesthetic.

6. Newport Brass East Linear Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet and Cold Water Dispenser: Modern convenience meets classic design with the installation of the Newport Brass East Linear pull-down kitchen faucet and cold water dispenser. The functionality of these fixtures seamlessly complemented the overall design.

7. Newport Brass East Lin Pot Filler: For added convenience, we incorporated a Newport Brass East Lin pot filler, making it easier than ever to fill pots and pans while cooking.

8. Belkin Dishwasher: Modern living demands modern appliances, and the integration of the Belkin dishwasher made kitchen chores a breeze while maintaining the kitchen's contemporary elegance.

9. Hinkley Brass Island Pendants: To complete the transformation, we enhanced the lighting with Hinkley brass island pendants. These fixtures not only provide ample illumination but also serve as stylish accents over the kitchen island.

We could not be happier with how this kitchen turned out! This beautiful kitchen is now bursting with color and stylish details. Add custom, personal touches, and this head-turning kitchen is sure to help create amazing memories for years to come.