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December 12, 2023

Energy-Saving TPO Roofing Installed at Myakka Pines Golf

Our experienced team reached another milestone in the effort to repair the damage caused by Hurricane Ian. The roof has been significantly upgraded with this energy-saving TPO roof that not only looks good but will keep costs low and keep the building cool, especially during the hot Florida summers.

The ongoing roof upgrades at Myakka Pines Golf Club mark a significant achievement for our experienced team, in the wake of the damage of Hurricane Ian. A notable advancement in this process involves the recent installation of TPO roofing on all flat sections of the clubhouse roof. TPO, renowned for its exceptional sun-reflective properties, plays a crucial role in mitigating heat absorption and effectively cooling the building's interior. This will be very helpful during the hot and humid Florida summers, helping the client save on costs.

Beyond the immediate benefits of improved energy efficiency, the TPO roofing solution contributes to the overall robustness and durability of the structure. By adopting this innovative roofing material, we not only enhance the longevity of the roof but also make a strategic investment in the economic and environmental sustainability of Myakka Pines Golf Club.

We are proud of our dedicated team whose exceptional work has been instrumental in transforming this cherished golf community. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the successful execution of this project.