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January 24, 2024

AmEuro Revamping Plastic Surgeons Office in Florida

AmEuro Construction embarks on an exciting new venture: elevating a plastic surgeon's office in the Lakewood Ranch area! From crafting a serene nurses’ station to reimagining the CFO's office for optimal space with new cabinetry to highlighting a peaceful water feature, our Day 2 of demolition is all about laying the groundwork for a modern, spa-like environment for patients and staff alike.

AmEuro Construction began a new and exciting project in Florida. Our team stepped in to help renovate several key areas at Wright Spellman Plastic Surgery in Lakewood Ranch. The second day of demolition marks the continuation of efforts to create a modern and spa-like environment for both patients and staff. AmEuro is dedicated to creating a serene atmosphere, starting with the crafting of a nurses' station that exudes tranquility. Additionally, the Chief Financial Officer's office is being re-imagined to optimize space, adding new cabinetry for functionality and aesthetics.

One of the key elements of this transformation is the enhancement of their peaceful water feature, adding a touch of serenity to the overall ambiance. AmEuro Construction aims to blend style and functionality seamlessly in this project, promising an exciting and stylish outcome. As the construction unfolds, the focus remains on creating a space that not only meets the practical needs of the medical environment but also provides a rejuvenating and contemporary experience for all those who enter.