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August 22, 2023

AmEuro Installs a New Garage Door for Community Facility in Englewood!

Our team is finishing up the reconstruction of Englewood Beach Condos from the damage it received by Hurricane Ian which included replacing damaged garage doors at the community storage facility.

The devastation caused by Hurricane Ian was widespread and extensive. For most of this year, the team at AmEuro has been working hard to restore not only the individual residents' homes but also the facilities used by the community.

In addition to repairing and replacing the roofs of all 99 villas at Englewood Beach Condos, we extended our project beyond what the eye can see. Our team replaced the soffit and fascia, a crucial foundational component that will protect the roof for many years to come. The damage extended to windows, window screens, and various other exterior components.

The community storage facility is an important asset to the Englewood Beach Condos residents and staff. The storage facility houses some of the resident's most precious items, making its protection paramount. During the storm, the garage door was badly damaged. The exterior was badly bent at the bottom, obstructing its ability to open properly. Our team stepped in and removed the old door and replaced it with a new one that consists of updated materials. This included assuring that the door worked properly.

We are pleased not only with how great the new door looks but also with the renewed peace of mine from residents knowing their facility is secure and protected!