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March 05, 2024

AmEuro Installing New Plumbing and Electrical at Meadows Family Dentistry!

We're breaking new ground at Meadows Family Dentistry! 🚧🦷 With our hydraulic wet saw in hand, we're meticulously cutting through concrete to lay the foundation for new plumbing, electrical, and medical gas lines.

Our team at Ameuro is hard at work at Meadows Family Dentistry and is on the cusp of innovation! Armed with our state-of-the-art hydraulic wet saw, we're carving through concrete to establish the groundwork for new plumbing, electrical, and medical gas infrastructure. Today's emphasis lies on crafting cutting-edge operatories and a centralized sterilization facility, made possible through collaborative endeavors with JP Services.

This groundbreaking initiative marks a significant leap forward, promising enhanced efficiency and quality for the highly valued patients of Meadows Family Dentistry. Stay tuned as we forge ahead, shaping the future of dentistry with unwavering dedication and precision.