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January 05, 2024

AmEuro Hits Inspection Milestone at Limetree Cast Iron Project

We're powering through our cast-iron pipe replacement project, with 8 units inspected and turned over to framing and drywall, and 10 more units prepping for a Monday inspection! Our team is in high gear, ensuring everything is set for Monday's review. Happy clients, happy workers, and progress ahead of schedule!

LimeTree Beach Resort is making significant strides in the cast-iron pipe replacement project, with 8 units successfully inspected and now in the framing and drywall phase. An additional 10 units are gearing up for inspection on Monday, showcasing the project's momentum. The dedicated team is working tirelessly to meet the Monday deadline, and everything is being meticulously prepared for the upcoming review.

The project is not only on track but is also progressing ahead of schedule, highlighting the efficiency and dedication of the resort's team. The ongoing success of the cast-iron pipe replacement project reflects LimeTree Beach Resort's commitment to providing a high-quality and well-maintained environment for its guests. The team's enthusiasm and hard work are paving the way for a seamless and timely completion of this crucial infrastructure improvement initiative.